We want to introduce you to VINx a program developed for veterinarians by veterinarians. This is an online program that functions for YOU, our clients. We MUST have your email for it to work. You will receive an email and then need to create a password. With that log in you will be able to access your pets’ vaccine records, medical procedures that have been performed, request an appointment, boarding dates, not to mention the ability to request prescription or food refills. You will also be able to leave the staff a note regarding any questions or the health status of your pet. The additional neat thing about it is that our veterinarians will be able to access the information from home when on emergency call, allowing them to see what we have done for your pet and a good history of your pet. In the next couple months we will be linking this with our outside laboratories, so the veterinarians can refer to your pets’ lab work while out of the office. We will also be able to request a review or survey from our clients allowing us to publish them to our Facebook page or Website. It is obviously a new program to us and to our clients, but we hope with your help we can make it run and work as efficiently as it should!


The New Building! Progress is going well! We are pretty much on track to be in it in October 2015. We anticipate closer towards the middle to end of October. We have had lots of questions about it and felt we should emphasize a few things! YES….all of our staff is moving with the transition and are eager to share the move with all our clients. ALL client information will be transferred for every individual pet within the family. We worked REALLY hard to make this transition within our current fees, we did not want to have to increase fees because of the choice we made to move. Just the small animals are moving. Rocky Mountain Equine is a separate business than MVVH and that business will remain in our current location.

We are looking forward to this transition and even more making it with the clients we have and the ones we welcome. We will have four exam rooms in the new facility, we will have digital radiography, and have the full intent of going paper-light. Dogs and cats will have their own “wards” for surgical recovery or for hospitalization. It was very important to us that your pets could wake up or be treated in a more peaceful environment.

Overall, it will be a BIG change, but a change that has been in the works for close to 11 years. We are ready to embrace the changes and hope we can share it with as many people as we can!!

And most of all….we want to thank all of you. It probably would not be as necessary or accepted to have an online service/program for clients without the clientele we have and the demand people have for accessing records or the ability to schedule an appointment. We want to provide the BEST service to all of you in the way you want it, so please give us feedback regarding this new program and functionality.

Additionally….it is very humbling experience to know we are in the position to build a new building and that would NOT be possible without the clientele we have and the growth we have received from current and new clients. Between new clients, our presence on Facebook, word of mouth from our current clients, and the “brand” we try to exhibit in our community, we have to thank each and every one of you for your continued support, belief and faith in the service we provide. This is a very caring and loving staff, that truly considers your pet like their own. Each and everyone of them values the relationship they have with you and your pet.

We thank you SHERIDAN/BUFFALO/GILLETTE (and other cities) from the bottom of our hearts!! We could not do this without you!