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Our experienced team provides high-quality preventative, dental, internal medicine, and emergency veterinary services for your pets.

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Compassionate and experienced veterinary services located at: 2026 South Sheridan Avenue

Our Services

At Mountain View Veterinary Hospital, we have experienced staff who can provide a wide range of animal care services. Our animal hospital is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), which means that your beloved pet is in excellent hands.

We offer affordable vet care, vaccinations, and preventive medicine to ensure your pet stays healthy.

Our veterinary hospital is known for being the best pet hospital in the area. We provide top-notch care for small animals, and our experienced veterinarians and friendly staff are always here to help.

Learn more about our animal clinic services below:


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Dr. Chris Newton making the initial incision on a TPLO surgical procedure.

Dental Care

Dental disease is a frequent issue experienced by our pets, but it can be prevented through regular evaluation and dental prophylaxis (cleaning). Our pet clinic is committed to providing the best possible dental care for your furry friend.

TPLO Surgeries

Cranial cruciate ligament disease and rupture is the most common issue to affect the hind limb of a medium- to large-breed canine. TPLO surgery is an advanced surgical procedure to repair the cranial cruciate ligament.

AAHA Accredited

You can expect exceptional pet care when you come to Mountain View Veterinary Hospital. We pass over 900 standards of veterinary care and excellence.

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The past

Dr. Pelissier founded Mountain View Veterinary Hospital (MVVH) in June 2004. MVVH offers superior care and is proudly accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. This accreditation ensures our clients and their pets are receiving the very best in veterinary care.  MVVH has upheld this accreditation since 2009.


Mountain View Veterinary Hospital strives to be among the leaders in our area. It is our desire to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care to our patients and offer the best possible service to our clients.


Our organization of veterinary professionals and paraprofessionals are dedicated to serving our clients and patients with the utmost care and compassion. We will always strive to treat our patients in a kind and humane manner as well as utilize the latest technologies and services available. We never forget that pets are family members and they will be treated accordingly.


MVVH proudly opened our new facility at 2026 South Sheridan Avenue in October of 2015. With the construction of this state of the art facility, the doctors and staff of MVVH are now able to practice the highest quality medicine and surgery.

Check out our client reviews

“The sweet care that everyone at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital provides to my fur-kid, Arya is so appreciated! It may only be trimming her nails once a month, but she is always welcomed and even sometimes not promised back to me, haha! Ok, I do get her back. We did have a scare last year when I truly believed I was going to lose her but the care and attention that Arya received and the advice given to me to take care of her at home resulted in a full recovery! I will always be so thankful for that! Just before Christmas, Hanna gave me a big bag of the Royal Canin treats for Arya. It was the only treat Arya would actually eat on the counter before we left. She loves them! Thank you, Hanna! So, thank you, everyone! Arya appreciates all of you and so do I! Angela, Hanna, Michelle, AJ, Chelsea, Amanda, Ashley, Brandi, and to the amazing vets, Dr Pelissier, Dr Newton and Dr Ingersoll!” – Nicky Kyle 2/21/17

“Love the team at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital! They’re the best!” – Stacia Reyner Skretteberg 1/23/17

“Thank you MTN View for working Miss Daisy in today for her little emergency nail issue – It’s comforting to know that you guys are always there in an emergency – And I always feel welcome and appreciated when I come in! I wouldn’t go anywhere else …” – Joanne Kilpatrick 1/8/17

“My dog got super sick and you were able to see him the very next day… He came in with Shar Pei fever. You helped him to get his Waggy Waggy back. He’s almost like a brand new dog. We appreciate you helping us in our time of need” – Laura O’Kelly 2/21/17

“We met you by accident but you have been so wonderful to our fur babies that we have stayed. Most recently pistol needed neutered and you kept in contact so we knew he was okay. Thanks a bunch.” – Lanette Clark Pinkerton 2/20/17

“A huge shout out to the wonderful staff at MVVH!!! Not only do they know my dog’s name by heart but they know it just by my name! Such a wonderful feeling to go to a place where the staff truly cares and makes an effort to be as personable as possible! Hercules is always so loved and comes home happy as can be after every stay! I swear he’d rather stay then come home sometimes. Lol thank you so much for the awesome care and service you provide!” – Kristy Buckley 2/20/17

“A huge shout out to the wonderful staff at MVVH!!! Not only do they know my dog’s name by heart but they know it just by my name! Such a wonderful feeling to go to a place where the staff truly cares and makes an effort to be as personable as possible! Hercules is always so loved and comes home happy as can be after every stay! I swear he’d rather stay then come home sometimes. Lol thank you so much for the awesome care and service you provide!” – Rhonda Weber 2/1/17

“Love your new location. Staff is always extremely cordial and Dr. Chris is the best. So gentle and caring and never in a hurry to get you out for the next patient. Plus the facility is extremely clean!” – Delores Madzia 2/1/17

“I found out that my 10 year old springer spaniel was diabetic in December 2016. Mountain View has done an amazing job trying to get her insulin dialed in. The doctors, receptionists and technicians treat my pet and I with compassion and understanding. I also had to put my 11 year old springer down in June 2016 and I wouldn’t have made it through the process without the help of Amber. I definitely recommend them to anyone that treats their pets as family members!” – Janelle Thuesen Cope 2/20/17

“I extremely happy with the care you give Shasta each month knowing that you didn’t give up on her when she had her accident means a great deal to me, you always make her and me feel so much better. Thank you!” – Virginia Coleman 2/21/17.


It is the belief of MVVH that communication is paramount to what we do on a daily basis. It is our goal to ensure that clients are given all of their options and clearly understand them. Lab and test results are explained thoroughly to each and every client with the objective of making our clients feel comfortable with all the information they have been given.

To confirm health and status at home following a visit, our nursing staff engages in daily follow-up phone calls to each individual client in order to answer questions and address any concerns you may have with regard to your pet’s current condition.

To enhance internal communication, grand rounds occur every morning which consists of sitting down as a staff and going through the day and every appointment, surgery or drop off we have scheduled. This is a crucial ‘first step’ to our day and enhances our interactions with our clients, ensuring we hold ourselves to a gold standard in communication.

Our veterinarians are happy to come meet you face to face and shake your hand. We value the personal relationships we build with our clients and prefer the individual relationships with our clients that we have. We welcome you to our family!


To remain as progressive as possible, our veterinarians use ultrasonography to diagnosis the health and status of internal organs, including echocardiograms.

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Mountain View Veterinary Hospital is an organization that strives to promote continuing education, allowing our staff to enhance their professional growth.

MVVH is dedicated to hiring and employing only licensed Veterinary Technicians.

It is a our goal to ensure that our team members provide an excellent customer service experience and uncompromising care for our patients.

Dr. Amber Ingersoll, Dr. Chris Newton, Dr. Angelica Bialek, and Dr. Peter Pelissier


Peter G. Pelissier, DVM

Hospital Leader

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Christian A. Newton, DVM

Medical Director

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Amber Ingersoll

Amber Ingersoll, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

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Kate Olson and Angelica Bialek

Angelica Bialek, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

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Madeline Kobold, DVM

Madeline Kobold, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

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Brandi Cole

Brandi Cole

Lead Veterinary Technician

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Aimee Herbstreith

Aimee Herbstreith, RVT

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AJ Oedekoven, CVT

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Kate Olson and Angelica Bialek

Kate Olson, RVT

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Michelle Jensen

Michelle Jensen

Client Service Representative

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Cremation Services

Mountain View Veterinary Hospital also offers on-site cremation services.  We offer a variety of urns, pendants, and clay paw prints in memory of your beloved friend.

Our Cremation Services are done on site in a separate building than the hospital.
Remains are processed individually and cared for by our staff; the staff you know and are familiar with. We have urns and other pieces in stock for clients to choose from.

Contact us to set up an appointment: (307)674-4111