Anal Glands


Anal glands, also known as anal sacs, are tiny sacs located on either side of a dog or cat’s anus. These sacs produce a foul-smelling substance that marks territory and communicates with other animals. Usually, the anal glands empty themselves during bowel movements, but with some animals, this may not be the case. The anal glands can sometimes become impacted, causing discomfort and even infection. At Mountain View Veterinary Hospital, our trained staff can perform an anal gland expression to help alleviate any discomfort and prevent infection.


Here are some common signs that a pet may be experiencing anal gland issues:

  • Scooting their bottom along the ground or floor
  • Constant licking or biting at the area around their anus
  • Foul odor coming from their rear end
  • Pain or discomfort when sitting or defecating
  • Swelling or redness around the anus

If you notice any of these symptoms in your pet, bringing them to a veterinarian for a check-up and possible treatment is important.


Our veterinary clinic offers anal gland expression as part of our veterinary services in Sheridan, Wyoming. During this procedure, our experienced and trained staff will manually express the anal glands to relieve any impactions and remove any infected fluid. This can be a quick and easy procedure, taking just a few minutes, but it can make a world of difference to your pet’s comfort and well-being.

In addition to anal gland expression, we also offer regular wellness check-ups to monitor your pet’s health and ensure any potential issues are caught early on.

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