Blood Transfusions for Pets

Mountain View Veterinary Hospital’s veterinary team has experience performing blood transfusions, and we ensure that our patients receive the highest care possible.

We have a well-equipped facility with the necessary equipment, supplies, and expertise to provide this service.

Before performing a blood transfusion, our veterinary team will assess your pet’s condition to determine if a transfusion is necessary. Our team also screens donors for infectious diseases to ensure the safety of the transfusion.

During the blood transfusion, our veterinary team will monitor your pet closely. We check vital signs to ensure your pet responds well to the transfusion. After the transfusion, we continue monitoring your pet to ensure they have no adverse reactions.

At Mountain View Veterinary Hospital, we understand how crucial blood transfusions can be in saving your pet’s life. We are committed to providing the best care possible for your furry friend during these critical times.

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